Review ISPA EXPO March 14 - 16, 2018

The two-yearly ISPA show was held this year in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more in our review.

The ISPA is our second most important machine show and geographically covers mainly our customers in Central and South America. These markets are still very strongly geared to Bonnell production and the market share of pocket spring mattresses is increasing only slowly. Nevertheless, we decided to exhibit our FPC-100 and our semi-automatic pocket spring assembly machine FPA-150 at ISPA this year. This was obviously a good decision and we were very pleased with the concrete interest of our customers in the new FPC-100.

Our booth design is based on the same concept as in previous years. The strong colour combination blue/orange - derived from our Fides/Spühl logo - also radiated a very high recognition value at this trade fair. The customers feel very comfortable at our stand and are happy about the attentive customer service and a good Nespresso coffee.

All in all, this was a very successful show, where we were able to communicate our competence with the Fides pocket spring machines and to demonstrate our presence in the free market with attractive machines.