Sustainable Investment at Lofty Heights

Spühl is renovating the sawtooth roof of the Production hall 1 and in doing so will not only ensure a better working environment in the future, but will also reduce annual energy consumption by over 550,000 kWh.

The renovation of the sawtooth roof area of 5,500 m2 will be performed in two stages. Work is currently underway for the first stage, while the project completion is planned for mid-2022. On the one hand, the glazing is being upgraded in the process and, on the other hand, the thickness of the insulation is being increased from 6 cm to 38 cm, i.e. an insulation that is more than six times thicker. Safety nets have been put in place so that work can be performed on and under the roof at the same time.

The renovation will make the working environment more pleasant, i.e. cooler during the summer months and warmer in the winter. In addition, the annual energy consumption will fall by over 550,000 kWh – another step that Spühl is taking towards sustainable production that not only meets the legal requirements, but in many cases exceeds them.