Pocket spring assembler - available until December 2020

Description of operation:

With this semi-automatic assembly machine FPA-150 strings of pocket springs are processed into innerspring units of differing dimensions.

The strings of springs that have been cut to the desired lengths are placed into the machine and further conveyed by means of a turning motion of the inserting station (drum). Then the drum stops automatically and hot melt is applied to the inserted string of springs by means of application jets. The string of springs is then glued to the preceding string of springs in the ejection device and then pushed onto the support table. The pocket spring units then lie there awaiting further processing.

  • Technical Data
  • Advantages
Type of springs Pocket springs
Spring dimensions Outer waist diameter Ø (Dta) 50 - 80 mm
Pocket spring unit width: max. 2‘100 mm
Spring height 100 - 200 mm
Performance up to 150 springs / minute
(depending on the operators skills)
Air consumption approx. 2 m3 / hour, 6 bar
Power consumption total approx. 4.5 kVA
Power requirements Voltage: 3 x 400 V, input fuse: 25 A or
voltage: 3 x 220 V, input fuse: 32 A
(other voltages on request)
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Working temperature +10° C to +40° C
Weight net approx. 1‘200 kg
  • Semi-automatic assembly system for “on center” gluing
  • Very easy operation
  • Dual assembly is possible
  • 2 cost-saving hot melt tracks
  • Production of zoned spring units