Pocket spring machine - available until December 2020

Description of operation:

The FPC-55 produces continuous strings of pocket springs.

The wire is fed from the swift and wound to springs. After the coiling process, the springs are heat-treated between two electrodes. This heat treatment relaxes the springs that have become tense from the coiling process and reduces the setting loss. Subsequently, they are cooled in the cooling channel by means of an air ventilator and then conveyed to the spring setting station.

The springs are compressed and inserted into the folded band of fabric, which comes from the roller and has been horizontally folded over a forming shoulder. The ultrasound welding units then create the pockets. The resulting continuous strings of pocket springs are cut to the desired lengths in the cutting device.

  • Technical Data
  • Advantages
Type of springs Barrel / Cylindrical
Spring dimensions Outer waist diameter Ø (Dta) 55 - 65 mm
Spring height after setting: 150 - 230 mm
pocket height: 110 - 200 mm
(depends on the wire gauge and spring diameter)
Spring wire gauge 1.6 - 2.2 mm
Performance up to 55 springs / minute
(depending on spring dimensions)
Air consumption approx. 40 m3 / hour
Power consumption total approx. 6 kVA
Power requirements Voltage: 3 x 400 V, input fuse: 63 A or
Voltage: 3 x 220 V, input fuse: 63 A
(other Voltages on request)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Working temperature +10° C to +40° C
Weight net approx. 1‘900 kg
(Swift with safety mesh guard net approx. 680 kg)
  • Heat treatment can be switched off
  • Lateral seam
  • Cutting device is standard