Service Bulletin April 2016

  • Spühl adjusts helpdesk billing
  • Original Spühl spare parts
  • Fitnesscenter Spühl
  • Knot wheels
  • Expert tip

Our long-standing and highly qualified helpdesk specialists provide technical assistance for machine troubleshooting. Services are billed at the beginning of each year for the previous calendar year.

From January 2016, the following new conditions apply:

  • 45 minutes per year free
  • each additional quarter hour costs CHF 25.00

Naturally, helpdesk services remain free of charge during the 3-year warranty period or on the basis of an active service agreement.

Philipp Troxler, Service Consultant Manager

Original spare parts offer extended durability, long-term availability, reliability and a warranty. In contrast to these advantages, non-original parts primarily offer a lower purchase price. However, exchange and setup time are hidden costs that must necessarily be included, since all factors must be taken into account in effective part selection. Overall, and in the long term as well, it’s not just your machines that will be grateful if you choose original Spühl parts.

Thanks to our extensive know-how, our spare parts perform in any situation, and are extremely reliable under any load. Therefore we place special emphasis on an optimal interaction of all components. We transfer every improvement on our machines to the spare parts as well, so they constantly benefit from technological progress.

Damages, where non-original parts are involved, void the Spühl warranty.

Discounts on spare parts, known as...


If you want to save when ordering, then please simply log in at SEPOS and receive a discount of at least 2% on each order.

Volume discount

To benefit from an even greater discount, note the volume discount, which is visible in the shopping cart. To do so, hover over the Info button with the cursor, and the discount percentages will appear.

Remex promotion

Until June 30, 2016, you can obtain various Remex items at greatly reduced prices. During that period you will receive discounts of up to 50%!

See the complete list of promotions: Remex Promotion 2016 (PDF)

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Roger Jordi, Spare Parts Group Manager

The Spühl Fitness Center supports your innerspring production in terms of optimal efficiency and availability.

  Basic Standard Premium
guaranteed response time from the Helpdesk within 2 h*
guaranteed response time for shipment of in-stock spare parts within 24 h*
no minimum order quantities for spare part orders
free software updates
Help Desk inclusive Teleservice*
price advantage for spare parts ordered out of inspection / preventative maintenance  
Inspection – annually    
Preventative Maintenance (covering Inspection) - annually    


The basic package is particularly suitable for non-critical production machines, which however would benefit from the support of Spühl helpdesk.


The standard package is optimized for machines with stringent requirements in terms of reliability and efficiency. We ensure this through the annual inspection and the preferred treatment by our helpdesk service and our spare parts department.


With the premium package, we guarantee you the best support by Spühl and meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. The annual visit by a Spühl service technician includes the replacement of worn parts, making the correct settings and a detailed inspection of the machine. The preferential treatment by our helpdesk service and spare parts department ensures the fastest possible troubleshooting.

The parts recommended by our service technicians after an inspection will be offered at a discount of 5% with the standard package and 7% with the premium package.

We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer. Please do not hesitate to ask!

Philipp Troxler, Service Consultant Manager

To improve the hardness process, Spühl knot wheels will be additionally sandblasted. As a result, this will make the surface appear somewhat duller in the future.

The filter mats in the control cabinets must be periodically checked and cleaned.

We recommend that you clean the filter mats every 6 months in lukewarm soapy water and then dry them. Please be sure that all filter mats are completely dry before reinserting them. Only slightly soiled mats can be cleaned with compressed air.

Regular cleaning prevents accumulation of dust and other impurities in the control cabinet and on electrical components. This ensures that leakage currents do not cause machine shutdown or even damage components.

Daniel Nussbaum, Manager Helpdesk