Service Bulletin April 2020

  • One team for Everything to do with Service
  • Arian Bobi, new member in the Spare Parts Service
  • Briefly and to the Point: Leaflets for Conversion Kits
  • We lowered the prices for cutters!
  • Training Videos for Practitioners

The integration of the Fides facility in Forlí, Italy into Spühl in Switzerland is in full swing and should be largely completed by the end of June 2020.

This applies not only to the machines but also to all the services. From now on Helpdesk, deployment of service technicians and spare parts will be handled by Spühl centrally.

In April 2020, Fides spare parts will be partially delivered from Italy or Switzerland – starting from May 1st, 2020 all shipping will come from Switzerland. We make every effort to ensure that spare parts arrive at your premises on time as usual, even in the transition phase, and look forward to our further cooperation!

If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer them:

Spühl Services                       

Phone +41 71 292 13 75                      

Email services(at)

Spühl Spare parts

Phone +41 71 292 13 76                      

Email spareparts(at)

Francois Mouron, Customer Service Manager                                  


Roger Jordi, Spare Parts Service Group Leader


We welcome Arian Bobi in the Spare Parts Service team as successor of Bruno Kürsteiner, who retired at the end of 2019.

Arian Bobi, a former trainee at Spühl and assembly specialist, has been working at Spühl for over nine years.

His specific expertise, in particular regarding pocket spring machines field, enables him to process all requests in the Spare Parts Service in a professional manner.

All important facts at a glance: This was the specification for the leaflets that we developed together with our service technicians. In a clearly arranged way, they provide information about the various conversion kits that are available from us.

The leaflets of the best-selling conversion kits have recently become available for download in SEPOS:

We continuously improve our processes and you will definitely benefit from this as well.

By optimizations, we could achieve considerable savings with the standard cutters and we certainly are happy to pass these on to you. The new selling prices for standard cutters are listed in the table below:

To support you in your daily work in the best possible way, we create new short training videos for you. We show you how the frequent operations are optimally carried out on our wire-forming machines.

In our first video you will learn how to exchange sonotrodes on the P-455.

We recommend saving our Youtube channel in your favorites, so that you always stay up to date:

Youtube - Trainings Videos by Spühl