Service Bulletin 2019-01

  • An Air Dehumidifier in the Control Cabinet Eliminates Sources of Error.
  • The Service Agreements are met with great interest
  • Tip from the Expert New Cable Box and Velcro Fasteners for High-Frequency Cables P-455

The conversion air dehumidifier kit recently became available at the Spare Parts Service of Spühl. The conversion is simple and inexpensive – the result is excellent in many ways.

The purpose of the new conversion kit is to remove any air humidity from the control cabinet and thereby, eliminate undefined sources of error, such as command failures, bus malfunctions etc. Practice tests have been conducted at customers’ site in Asia in regions with high air humidity. All tests have been successful and showed great improvement. The air dehumidifier conversion kit 31.46739.01 can be purchased through SEPOS or at for CHF 1,750.00. 

Since the trade fair interzum 2015 Spühl is offering service agreements for maintaining and improving machine efficacy. 

Our customers showed a great interest and by the end of 2018 we already have been able to conclude over 30 agreement contracts on all continents.

It is particularly pleasing that a broad spectrum of various customers (from one machine to several dozen machines) are enthusiastic about this. This confirms that the service agreements offer advantages to all our customers and they can benefit therefrom.

The annual inspections contribute significantly to preventive machine maintenance and to a timely detection of issues, preventing machine downtimes and facilitating a more efficient production.


Your advantages:


» Fixed and plannable service costs

» Discount prices for replacement parts

» Price stability over the duration of the agreement

» Prioritized processing

» Higher efficiency through reduced administration

» Convenience: Spühl takes care of the entire planning.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

We have repetitively detected that damaged high-frequency cables can cause breakdowns and machine downtimes. This is frequently caused by loose high-frequency cables that have not been properly attached after a change of ultrasound components. The cables are dangling loose which leads to cable breakages and damages to the isolation. 

The new cable ties with Velcro fastener provide an easy and effective solution. They can be easily opened for maintenance work and closed afterwards and thus ensure that the cable are not loose.

An improved version of the cable box is also available. It can be opened more easily and the cables can be replaced faster. 

For more information or orders please contact services(at) or